Joining the Up Tempo team allows you to focus on the goals of your organization and Up Tempo will take care of your fundraising needs!

Up Tempo Fundraising was founded by a teacher and coach who participated in countless fundraisers that didn't effectively raise funds or provide a good return on the funds raised.  Therefore, the mission of Up Tempo is to partner with athletic teams, organizations and schools to raise funds in an easy, effective and efficient way.


We utilize an online fundraising platform that customizes a webpage for each student and emails it out to family, friends and neighbors providing an opportunity for the recipients to donate to the cause.

The process is easy-requiring minimal time involvement from the sponsors, students and parents. The process is effective-we target people who know and want to support the student.

Lastly, the process is efficient- the opportunity to reach more donors is significantly increased as donors may live outside the school district and and it eliminates the hassle of door to door selling.