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We partner with athletic teams, fine arts programs and various clubs and organizations to raise your fundraising results to a new level!



Receive a higher percentage of funds donated.


increase participation

Instant Incentives encourage student involvement.



From start to finish, Up Tempo manages every detail of your fundraiser with minimal time involvement from coach/sponsor.

Working with Teena and Kyle Story for our basketball fundraiser has been streamlined and easy.  This is the first fundraiser that I have done where the majority of the front end work was handled by Up Tempo and didn't require me to do a ton of work.  This helped take one thing off my plate and free me up to focus on basketball!  Up Tempo created a competitive environment where our kids were working to see who could raise the most money, and we raised over 34k!  The platform is simple to understand and operate, we never experienced a single issue throughout the entire process.  I can't recommend Teena and Up Tempo enough!!!  They were an absolute pleasure to work with."

-Scott Imes,

Head Boys Basketball Coach

Prosper High School

Up Tempo fundraising is the best fundraiser I have used. It required very little work on our part and we raised the most money we have ever raised. Mindy is organized and brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm, which gets the entire team involved!

-Coach Fieszel,

Head Football Coach

Gunter High School 

As an athletic program that is trying to be fiscally responsible we wanted to find a way to fundraise that mirrored our values. Working with Up Tempo was absolutely the answer because of the customer support they provide. We proposed questions and had excellent responses within minutes throughout the entire process. The efforts provided secured the best fundraising effort we have ever had and look forward to using them for years to come. Mindy who was our contact was simply the best and provided us the knowledge to bring to our parents, which supported our positive experience.

-Kody Christensen, Assistant Athletic Coordinator

Head Girls Soccer Coach Wylie East High School

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