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 What people are saying about Up Tempo


5 Star Fundraiser

Best fundraiser I have been a part of in 21 years of coaching.  Teena is great to work with.  The kickoff was fun, and I am so surprised of the amount was raised.  Will definitely reach back out again to run this one back!!  No brainer."

-Douglas Fair, Head Tennis Coach Frisco Centennial Coach

"We are incredibly pleased with our results using Up Tempo Fundraising.  Mindy and Shawn have the utmost integrity and when dealing with fundraising, that really put my mind at ease.  Also, with the demands of coaching these days, it is hard to add one more thing to your plate but with Up Tempo I really had to do very little other than see the donations roll in over the internet.  I can't recommend Up Tempo enough."

-Coach Herrema, Athletic Coordinator, Head Boys Basketball Coach Lovejoy High School

“Up Tempo fundraising is the best fundraiser I have used. It required very little work on our part and we raised the most money we have ever raised. Mindy is organized and brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm, which gets the entire team involved!” 

-Coach Fieszel, Head Football Coach Gunter High School 

“I am extremely happy we were able to do a fundraiser with Up Tempo Fundraising.  The company was professional and communicated extremely well from the beginning to the final day of the fundraiser.  They are organized and have a blueprint for you to follow that is user friendly and will allow you to achieve your fundraising goals.”

-Matt Webb, Head Football Coach/Athletic Coordinator, Frisco Centennial High School  


"Working with Teena and Kyle Story for our basketball fundraiser has been streamlined and easy.  This is the first fundraiser that I have done where the majority of the front end work was handled by UpTempo and didn't require me to do a ton of work.  This helped take one thing off my plate and free me up to focus on basketball!  UpTempo created a competitive environment where our kids were working to see who could raise the most money, and we raised over 34k!  The platform is simple to understand and operate, we never experienced a single issue throughout the entire process.  I can't recommend Teena and UpTempo enough!!!  They were an absolute pleasure to work with."

-Scott Imes, Head Boys Basketball Coach, Prosper High School


"UpTempo Fundraising is a fantastic platform and program for raising funds.  From the excitement of the kick-off event, the competitive team-building atmosphere, and the ease of execution, it was perfect.  It truly exceeded our expectations."

-Matt Swinnea, Head Football Coach/Athletic Coordinator, Frisco Liberty High School

“Been doing fundraisers for over 20 years, all have been ok but decided to use Mindy Purcell’s company based on a buddy. After using her and experiencing her process I was blown away. She was very organized and great with the kids and staff. Ultimately I was hoping to just beat my former best fundraising total, to my surprise we out did my previous best total by 30 thousand.More than happy to use her again and refer her to any and everyone” -Coach McBride, Head Football Coach/Campus Coordinator McKinney Boyd High School

"As an athletic program that is trying to be fiscally responsible we wanted to find a way to fundraise that mirrored our values. Working with Up Tempo was absolutely the answer because of the customer support they provide. We proposed questions and had excellent responses within minutes throughout the entire process. The efforts provided secured the best fundraising effort we have ever had and look forward to using them for years to come. Mindy who was our contact was simply the best and provided us the knowledge to bring to our parents which supported our positive experience."

-Kody Christensen, Assistant Athletic Coordinator, Head Girls Soccer Coach Wylie East High School

"Since I have been with Up Tempo Fundraising I have been able to not only reach my yearly goal, but continue to raise more money every year.  Mindy does a great job! Extremely organized and very easy to work with.  The whole process is the easiest effortless fundraiser I have ever done!  I highly recommend using Up Tempo as your primary fundraiser!!"

- Coach Andrews, Head Baseball Coach Wylie East High School


“UpTempo fundraising was a big success for our program. It was such an easy process for our kids,  and coaching staff. The added competition between groups was an added bonus for our guys and made the live kick off a really fun experience to be around. The group from UpTempo took care of everything from start to finish!”

-Scott McGarrh, Head Baseball Coach, Frisco Liberty High School                                                                                                                    

"This was our first year using UpTempo and they could not have made things any easier. With a new program and booster club the ease of raising money is so important and they did just that for us. Not only was it easy, but our kids were engaged in the live kick off event. We look forward to working with them in the future."

-Jakeob Garner, Head Boys Basketball Coach, Prosper Walnut Grove High School

"Up Tempo was great for our group of athletes!  Mindy and Clay took the time to ensure our success starting with the kick-off live event.  Being so much more interactive that previous fundraisers really connected with our athletes and families.  We will be using them again and encourage all sports teams to give them a try!

-Jessica Richards, Assistant Athletics Campus Coordinator/Head Cross Country & Girls Track Coach McKinney North


"We coaches loved the fundraiser! The athletes especially enjoyed and thought it was fun. It was easy/efficient, and we plan on doing it for the years to come! We are forever grateful to you Teena, thank you so much for helping our XC program!"

-Megan Kirby, XC Coach Frisco Lebanon Trail High School


"This Up Tempo Fund Raiser event was more than we expected.  It created good Team building and it was a pleasant surprise to reach an unexpected amount.  Our Tennis Team will benefit much more with needed items and celebrations!  Thanks again for your time.  We are so thankful for Up Tempo."

-Heidi King, Head Tennis Coach Frisco Wakeland High School

"Working with Mrs. Teena Story at Uptempo not only made my life easier as a coach, but helped to provide my student-athletes with necessary equipment and funds. It was fun to have a competitive environment for the kick-off and then watch our funds grow each day. One thing I really liked is the push at the end of your deadline, where you see a significant growth towards the end of the fundraiser."

-Curtis Martin, Head Tennis Coach Prosper High School


"UpTempo has been an amazing experience for our program! Mrs. Story did an outstanding job, and everything was run professionally. Our kids enjoyed the experience and helped us raise more than enough money to cover expenses for the year! If you are looking for an easy, hassle-free fundraising partner, you cannot go wrong with UpTempo!!"

-Geoff Ajdukovich, Head Girls Soccer Coach Frisco Independence High School

“Our tennis teams used Up Tempo this year to raise money for our booster program, and I cannot say enough great things about this company. Raising money for a good cause was hassle free, and the process was very simple with the help of Teena Story. She made our players feel comfortable and at ease when setting up their individual player webpages. Frisco Independence Tennis had an awesome experience and will certainly be using Up Tempo again in the future”!

-Jenny Paine, Head Tennis Coach Frisco Independence High School


"This was our first year to use UpTempo. Miss Teena made everything so easy.  We made more in one hour than an entire year of fundraisers and concession stands. The kids were motivated and competed in their teams to bring in the most money for our program! We were able to raise money for our scholarships, signage and banners!"

-Amy Matlock, Head Girls Basketball Coach Frisco Independence High School

"We had a wonderful and successful experience with Teena Story and the Uptempo team.  Teena was extremely responsive and informative which resulted in a smooth & exciting launch. Our football team enjoyed the kickoff event and were so proud of the results. We highly recommend Uptempo and look forward to working with them year after year! This fundraiser made a huge difference for our football program and we couldn’t be happier!"

-Jamie Hardeman, Booster Club Frisco Emerson High School


"This was a fantastic fundraiser.  Super easy to set up and we are thankful for the job you did for us!  Everything was straight forward and all the documents you sent before the fundraiser started made things very simple.  We look forward to doing it again next season!"

-Rafael Flores, Head Girls Soccer Coach Prosper Rock Hill High School


"This fundraiser was a very simple process. Some of my athletes struggled to generate twenty contacts, but even if they had less it was still worth it. The organization and motivation on launch day helped engage the athletes. They learned the process and understood the goal, which lead to a great start that carried through the fundraiser."

-Megan Gnoza, Head Swim Coach Frisco Panther Creek High School


"We are a brand new school and working with Teena and UpTempo made things so easy for us.  Teena was amazing working with the kids and motivating them during the kick off event.  I will never work with anyone else!  Thank you Teena and UpTempo!"

-Brittany Shaver, Drill Team Director Prosper Walnut Grove High School


"The fundraiser was simple, easy, and extremely effective. Our kids loved the competitive side that comes with the Uptempo fundraiser. 

Strongly encourage coaches to use Uptempo!"

-Kevin Graham, Head Boys Basketball Coach Frisco Panther Creek High School


"I believe our booster club and myself are very pleased with how this fundraiser went. We met our goal and all our questions were answered promptly. It was a success and I see us doing it again in the future."

-Nathan McBride, Head Boys Soccer Coach Frisco Panther Creek High School

"Best fundraiser in the nation!  Very easy and we raised more in the first 5 hours than any fundraiser we have used.  Up Tempo creates a fun and exciting atmosphere for our team to thrive!"
-Coach Lavender, Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator Lovejoy High School 

"It was such an awesome experience using UPTEMPO this year. It was fun and very stress free! The live event really separates this fundraiser from others of its kind. We more than doubled our fundraisers profits this year during a global pandemic which will go toward improving the experience for coaches and players in our program.

-Coach Marcus Shavers, Head Football Coach/Campus Coordinator McKinney High School

“I would definitely recommend Up Tempo fundraising!  I've used many fundraisers that take too high of a percentage of what you make and aren't very helpful.  Up Tempo is very helpful and is always available to answer questions or concerns.  You keep a very high percentage of the money you raise, and you're paid right after the fundraiser is done.  As a coach, I didn't have to put much time and preparation into the campaign at all.  This is the most money my program has ever made with a program.  It is definitely a win win situation!
Up Tempo is by far the best fundraiser I've ever gone with.  I will continue to use them in the future.”
-Sion King, Head Wrestling Coach, Prosper High School


"Sachse Softball loved using Up Tempo, we were able to raise a good amount of money on the day of the live event. Mindy made sure our athletes understood what was expected of them with clear instructions and she even brought candy to motivate the girls on the live event day! We all had so much fun and our program now has enough funds to buy all equipment we needed for the seasons to come. Thank you Up Tempo and Mindy!"

-Shawna Henderson, JV Softball Coach

"I would definitely recommend using Up Tempo fundraising.  They made it very easy and quick for our athletes to upload their list of email addresses.  I enjoyed being able to login and see our progress as funds started coming in so that I could give our kids updates and keep them excited about the amount we were raising for our program.  At the end of the fundraiser, Up Tempo took very little time to order the spirit wear we used as incentives, and then send us a final check for what we raised.  I will definitely use Up Tempo again next year for raise money for our program."

-Coach Durham, Head Girls Basketball Coach Allen High School

"Up Tempo is the most efficient and profitable fundraiser I have experienced. Communication and assistance were excellent, and the simple website interface allowed me to facilitate the fundraiser while not detracting from day to day teaching tasks. I would highly recommend Up Tempo Fundraising and will absolutely be using them again in the future." 

-Reece Kingcade, Canyon High School Choir 

“The Up Tempo fundraiser was a huge success for the Allen golf team.  The ease in which Mindy worked with us in getting our emails and video completed was amazing.  And to top that minimal effort off with financial success was phenomenal.  Definitely at the top of our fundraising list for next year.  Thanks Up Tempo.”

- Coach Gravley, Head Golf Coach Allen High School

"Up Tempo Fundraising is an outstanding fundraising company that we used in the spring of 2018 at Marble Falls High School.  The customer service, attention to detail and follow up is second to none.  They provided all of the details up front and there were no hidden fees or issues with monies raised.  They provided us with a customized approach in our fundraising efforts and created cloth items of top quality for our donors.  We were able to raise a significant amount of money that benefited our 7th - Varsity football teams.  I highly recommend Up Tempo Fundraising and will use them again in 2019 and many years to come."

-Coach Birdwell, Marble Falls Head Football Coach

"Up Tempo has been a tremendous factor in helping to raise money for our athletic program the last few years! Their staff is very helpful, and honestly the process is very fast and easy.

-Coach Brooks, Burnett Junior High Girls Athletic Director

"We used Up Tempo Fundraising for our fundraiser this year.  As a coach, this was an awesome way to collect donations to our program because Up Tempo takes care of everything for you.  Mindy came out and presented how the fundraiser would work to our athletes and helped them get everything set up for our launch date.  Mindy was great to work with because she answered any questions we had VERY quickly and provided updates along the way.  Not only was it easy on our end, but those who donated found it very easy and well organized.  We look forward to working with them again in the future."

- Coach Keith Christensen, Head Golf Coach Wylie High School

“We switched from another online donation based fundraiser company for this soccer season and we were completely happy with the Up Tempo process, response to questions, help and representation from Mindy as well as the percentage guaranteed to keep for our booster club!”

-Coach Pocock, Head  Boys Soccer Coach McKinney High School 

"Thank you so much for answering all of our questions and making fundraising so easy! You provided all of the material and assistance we needed. The fundraiser itself ran smoothly and we had no issues. Within a few days of the fundraiser ending you were ready to bring us a check. There are many things we need to be doing and you taking care of the fundraising for us made our program run smoother. We look forward to working with you again next year."

-Todd Rainwater, Head Softball Coach Prosper High School

"The Up Tempo fundraiser was a great money-maker for our organization!  It was by far the easiest fundraiser we’ve ever done!  The students loved the kick-off event and the Up Tempo staff was fantastic throughout the entire process.  I would recommend this fundraiser to any organization!"

-Ken Ringel, McKinney High School Band Director

"Up Tempo Fundraising is a great partner with our program!  Their process is extremely efficient.  We were able to raise crucial funds for our program without sacrificing a lot of time in the process.  There are other fundraisers out there, but Up Tempo gives the best return and gives tremendous personal service."     

-Chance Gray, Associate AD, Head Football McKinney Christian Academy

"Thanks for helping us fund raise this year. You made it super easy on all of us. I highly recommend Uptempo Fundraising."

 -Joel Zuniga, Head Girls Basketball Coach Wylie High School

"The Up Tempo fundraiser program is the best program that I have ever been a part of to raise money.  It was simple, easy and stress free.  Thank you Mindy Purcell and Up Tempo!"

-David May, Head Golf Coach Allen High School

"My name is John Lao, President of the the Plano East Band Booster Board.  Up Tempo is a great fundraising organization to work with.  They provide the highest margin for our fundraising campaign and there are no hidden costs.  They offer recommendations on how to maximize the amount of donation that we can achieve.  We will continue to use Up Tempo in the future."

"My experience with Up Tempo Fundraising was great from start to finish! It was easy to set up and Mindy provided outstanding assistance during each step of the process. The online platform was user friendly and did a great job promoting our cause with a personalized web page for our program. It also made receiving and keeping track of our donations simple and stress free. I highly recommend Up Tempo Fundraising and will definitely be using them again in the future!"

-Matthew Miller, Randall High School Choir

"Working with Up Tempo fundraising was a great experience for our orchestra program.  They were very helpful every step of the way and helped us raiser over $10,000 towards our spring trip!  We are definitely recommending UpTempo to other music programs in our area – their platform and customer service can’t be beat!"

-Brian Eaton, Director of Orchestras Clark High School

"Up Tempo Fundraising was a great partner in our fundraising this spring.  It was easy to use and Mindy was great!"

-Jeremy Crouch, Head Baseball Coach Rider High School

"Up Tempo is a wonderful company! They were very professional and everything ran very smoothly. I highly recommend them as your next fundraiser."

-Jesus Marquez, Richardson High School Band Director

"Up Tempo is a well organized, professional fundraising company. They make it extremely easy on coaches and sponsors to fundraise for their team, and they seem to always yield amazing results. If you need assistance fundraising, contact Up Tempo. You will be glad you did!"

-Seth Vansell, Head Boys Basketball Coach Gunter High School

"Coaches, if you are looking for a hassle free fundraiser and a company that will work to earn your program as much money as possible Up Tempo is the way to go! Mindy was friendly, easy to work with, and our check was delivered as soon as our fundraiser ended. Thanks to Up Tempo, we will not have to do any more fundraising this year!"

-Dani Hoff, Head Softball Coach Byron Nelson High School

"Up Tempo provided our track and field team with a fantastic fundraiser! Mindy did a great job setting up our event and hosting our kick off party. I would HIGHLY recommend Up Tempo to any program looking for a smooth fundraiser experience!"

-Zach Morgan, Head Cross Country/Girls Track & Field Coach Rock Hill High School

"My experience with Up Tempo was amazing. As a first year cheer sponsor, I needed a fast and easy fundraiser for my girls and this was the answer. Mindy was wonderful and made everything so simple. She was so easy to work with and has the sweetest personality. I am very appreciate of her efforts in making this a huge success for my squad."

-Whitney Keel, Gunter Middle School Cheerleading Sponsor

"Hello Coaches, If you do fundraisers and you aren’t using Up Tempo, then you are losing out on the best fundraiser around. As you know most fundraisers take a lot of time for the coaches and parents, but using the Up Tempo fundraiser gives you that time back. I have done it for the last 3 years and it allows me to keep my valuable time for my team and I have made more money for my program than I could have imagined. Give it a try and I promise you will be begging them to come back year after year. It was the best move I could have made for my program."

-Coach Halstied, McMillan Junior High Boys Athletic Coordinator




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